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Bit Space Development, Preston Air Services and Tracware Forge Alliance

June 26, 2024   |   Posted by: Steve Clack   |   Category: Latest News

Bit Space Development (BSD XR), Tracware, and Preston Air Services (PAS) Forge Global Alliance to Develop Groundbreaking XR/AI Technology for the Commercial/Military Aviation MRO Industry.

Bit Space Development Ltd (BSD XR) is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Tracware and Preston Air Services aimed at accelerating the development of XR/AI technology tailored for the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Aerospace & Defence sector.

Effective immediately, this collaboration brings together BSD XR’s leadership in XR/AI technology, Tracware’s advanced Aerotrac software, and PAS’s extensive MRO expertise. The goal is to redefine maintenance processes and elevate operational performance across global aviation networks.

BSD XR CEO Dave Olynyk emphasized, “Our partnership with Tracware and Preston Air Services marks a significant step forward in advancing aviation MRO through XR/AI technologies. Together, we are committed to delivering unmatched value to our global clients.”

Andy Preston, Senior Director at Preston Air Services, noted, “Partnering with BSD XR and Tracware is a strategic move that enables us to integrate state-of-the-art XR/AI solutions into our MRO services, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.”

James Maley, Commercial Director at Tracware, added, “We are thrilled to unite with BSD XR and Preston Air Services. This partnership combines our cutting-edge software solutions with BSD XR’s pioneering XR/AI technology, setting new standards in the aviation MRO industry.”

Key Highlights:
Innovative Technology Development: The trio will champion the development of cutting-edge XR/AI solutions, promising to revolutionize MRO service delivery.
Strategic Partnership Goals: By integrating BSD XR’s innovation prowess with
Tracware’s software solutions and PAS’s industry insights, the alliance aims to set new benchmarks in MRO efficiency and customer satisfaction.

About BSD XR:
Canadian-based leader in extended reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, dedicated to enhancing operational efficiencies across industries.
Contact: Vishnu Varma, Marketing & Public Relations Specialist – 

About Preston Air Services:
Based in the UK, Preston Air Services brings decades (40+ years) of experience in aviation MRO management and consultancy services, offering strategic solutions to optimize business performance.
Contact: Andy Preston, Senior Director –

This alliance underscores BSD XR’s commitment to driving technological innovation in the aviation MRO industry. Watch our latest news for updates on our collaborative efforts.