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About Us

Tracware Limited is a technology company primarily focusing on specialist software development and was founded in the UK in 1999 by a team of aviation professionals, project managers, business analysts and engineering consultants with extensive practical experience in aviation MRO and Aircraft Management.

Tracware stands as a global leader in aviation MRO process control software and Aircraft Management and Maintenance software. Leveraging our established technology and brand from the aviation sector, we have expanded our offerings to cater to diverse industries, including Maritime, Issue Tracking and Artificial-Intelligence.

Tracware currently assists more than 100 companies globally, employing our products to enhance internal processes and transform into efficient, cost-effective organisations.


Our mission now, is to become a world leader in providing functional, professional software products to meet the challenges that are faced by companies in an ever-changing world. Tracware has secured its position in a competitive market, and we are proud to be in a very strong position for growth as we move forward with our strategy.