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Tracware Ltd. and Avinet Pty Ltd are pleased to announce that they have signed a collaboration agreement to integrate their respective products Aerotrac and Air Maestro. Avinet provides Air Maestro® a hosted, online software application designed to give you control of core Operational and Safety information which will empower you to effectively manage your business and assist with achieving regulatory compliance.

Conduce Group Ltd

Tracware Ltd and Conduce Group Ltd are pleased to announce they have signed a collaboration agreement that the two companies working to integrate their respective products. Conduce Group provide software and business solutions to a wide range of industries including the aviation sector and have developed a fully compliant eTechlog and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). The eTechlog is an electronic replacement for an aircraft’s paper based Log Book and can be operated on a large range of portable devices including ToughBooks/pads and various tablets. The eTechlog forms and integral part of the aircrafts systems and can be and also real time data transfer of Flight Ops and Engineering data.

PJH Aviation Management Limited

Innovative, Supportive, Constructive - this is what you get when you bring PJH Aviation Management and its partners to support your modern day aviation needs.

Whether it is in type or continuation training of your staff or senior management support, be it external auditing to writing of Regulatory documentation, PJH Aviation Management is able to support your every need