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Essential Turbines Inc

Essential Turbines Inc. (ETI) is a leading specialist in providing custom services, modifications, repairs and overhauls of Rolls-Royce / Allison M250 (RR M250) series of engines, modules and accessories.

Founded in 1993 and based in Dorval, Quebec, Canada, ETI is a world-class organization providing around-the-clock service. ETI consistently delivers the highest quality product and has developed long-term relationships with a worldwide loyal clientele. ETI offers an extremely personalized service and is dedicated to the success of its clients’ business. Each and every repair or overhaul receives the fullest attention and makes use of the company’s state-of-the-art equipment and specialized expertise.

ETI recently upgraded to Aerotrac v2.50 and is now Tracware’s longest established customer.

Mike Guntner (Snr), President of ETI comments on why Aerotrac was the first choice system.

“We were looking for a modern, stable and supportable replacement system with functionality that mirrored and controlled the processes of our business. Aerotrac really stood out in terms of matching what we did, even back in 2001. There were no ‘grey areas’ – all the major processes that are specific to our particular part of the industry were catered for without the need for workarounds. There were reservations, but we saw this as an opportunity to implement an inexpensive business system that would really help move the business forward. It was an excellent move on our part.”

Mike Guntner (Jr), Vice-President of ETI explains why Aerotrac has been so important to ETI, and why the business chose to upgrade to v2.50:

“Aerotrac is a great tool that helps us manage the day to day business easily and we have complete confidence in the data output.”

“Tracware is based overseas on a different time-zone, but Aerotrac has never failed to work in over a decade and a half of operation. Tracware have always been there for us, answering questions and rectifying problems quickly and without fuss. That level of care and service has remained a consistent feature over many years and has never dropped.”

“It was a simple decision to upgrade to the latest version - Aerotrac v2.50. It’s the second time we have upgraded and as with the previous upgrade the process was straightforward, quick and painless. There was no disruption to the business and all the data we have accumulated over many years is still in the same place.”

“Aerotrac v2.50 is proving to be just as robust and dependable as ever. The new features and enhancements will help us to further improve service levels and get even more value, both out of our data and the software itself, with greater functionality and control of processes.”

Mike Snr comments on the importance of business relationships:

“Back in 2001, we understood that implementing Aerotrac was a risk, but it is undoubtedly one that paid off. Aerotrac has been a mainstay in helping to ensure the consistency of our business. It has been a fantastic investment that has paid for itself many times over. ”

“As a business, ETI make a point of building and maintaining relationships with our clients by going above and beyond. Tracware shares the same philosophy. We have always felt – then and now – that our business is valued and not being taken for granted. We are delighted to recommend both Tracware and Aerotrac.”