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Heliwork (Services) Ltd

Heliwork (Services) Ltd specialises in the servicing and maintenance of helicopters and helicopter components. Heliwork has over 40 years of experience in this field and is also an Approved Customer Service Facility for Bell, Leonardo and Robinson helicopters.

Heliwork offers exceptional services, from minor inspections, maintenance and repair to major overhauls and full helicopter refurbishment, operating a spacious and fully equipped hangar with adjacent workshops for repair and testing components based at Thruxton Airport in the UK.

Heliwork was established in the 1970s. Since then it has been purchased and sold several times, most recently being purchased by the current owners in 2013 and re-branded back to its original name.

Aerotrac was initially implemented in 2002 by a global group company that was almost exclusively involved in the overhaul of the Rolls-Royce A250 engine. Aerotrac was a particularly good fit at the Thruxton facility because it was comprehensive enough to cover engine / component overhaul processes and also aircraft maintenance and continuing airworthiness management requirements, component manufacture and parts sales – a combination which was unique to Thruxton.

Managing Director and Owner Marc-Anton Corominas first became involved with Aerotrac when he was appointed Managing Director of the Thruxton facility by another different corporate owner in 2008. When Anton chose to become involved in the purchase of the company in 2013, there was no question that Aerotrac was to remain as the company’s strategic business system.

Anton says: “Acquisition of a company by a larger organisation is often a pre-cursor to a business system change. I was appointed MD when the company was acquired, but I quickly realised that Aerotrac was significantly better than previous systems I had used. The stock engine is very robust and reliable and had good links to the accounting software. In a way, it was the reliability of the data from Aerotrac that helped me be sure of the value of the company I was making an investment in.”

We asked Anton what he likes about the system.

“For me, as an Owner / Director, I want to have all the data that matters to me at my finger-tips. Aerotrac gives me that and much more. It gives me consistent, comprehensive management of workflow in both the hangar and workshops and all the key business data in one location. It reduces the need for verbal communication, because all the information is readily available in Aerotrac to those that need it in a consistent, reliable format. I have been able to satisfy questions from the airworthiness authorities during audits without even having to move from my desk.”

Even when I am away, Aerotrac gives me easy access and full control, so that I know what is going on within the business day to day. Aerotrac has a large number of reports as standard which help you identify that all is OK. But I also like to create my own reports, extracting data that I know I can rely on in a format that suits me. As part of the support contract the Tracware Support Team have been very helpful in assisting me to identify which tables and fields to use to pull data from the SQL database. They seem to like the concept of helping the customer help themselves.

“I have no hesitation in highly recommending Aerotrac and the service levels from Tracware are amongst the very best.”