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Hollie Kemp

Head of Sales

Hollie is an accomplished sales professional with a remarkable track record of over 10 years in the automotive industry. Having thrived in a competitive, fast-paced environment, Hollie has now taken on the pivotal role of Head of Sales at Tracware.

Throughout her career, Hollie has demonstrated exceptional sales acumen, driving significant revenue growth and establishing herself as a trusted expert in the automotive sector. Her customer-centric approach and keen market insights have played a key role in her past achievements.

Now, as the Head of Sales at Tracware, Hollie is committed to utilising her vast experience to build and nurture a highly successful sales team. Her goal is to expand the market reach of Tracware’s portfolio of products and further elevate the company’s reputation in the software industry.

With a proven history of excellence and a drive for continuous improvement, Hollie is poised to make a lasting impact at Tracware. Her dedication to delivering exceptional value to clients and her strategic leadership will undoubtedly contribute to Tracware’s continued growth and prominence in the competitive software market.