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Roy Lindsay

Software Developer

Roy was the first Aerotrac programmer and a founder member of Tracware. Much of his initial design and software architecture remains the backbone of Aerotrac.

Roy’s background has always been that of IT and programming, but he is also familiar with the particular needs of the aviation MRO industry. Immediately before joining Tracware Roy was involved in devising and creating a number of bespoke applications within H+S Aviation to complement their existing systems.

Roy temporarily left Tracware in 2004, and was welcomed back in 2007. During this time he worked as a consultant for Portsmouth Naval Dockyard, which included installing IFS for the maintenance and overhaul of ships, and writing various other bespoke systems. He quotes, “Instead of looking out the window and seeing aircraft, I could see aircraft carriers”.

He is now largely responsible for writing the standalone modules which bolt onto Aerotrac, including FliteTrac, Warranty, the Planning Manager and Reliability.