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Tracware Release Fully Integrated e-TechLog

September 29, 2017   |   Posted by: Steve Clack   |   Category: Latest News

Aerosector is Tracware’s e-Techlog that is fully integrated with our web interface (AWI) and aerotrac.

Aerosector has been designed to run on any IOS, Android or MS Windows tablet and allows pilots to record all flight details on a leg by leg basis that can be transmitted (subject to internet,  3/4G connectivity) back to the maintenance facility. This application totally replaces the need for the ‘old’ hand written Sector Record Page (SRP) and will manage all aspects of the flight from the Daily Inspection through to Fuel Uplift details and PIREP reporting.
Gone are the days of ‘the pilot can’t add up’ and is it a 4 or a 9 and save time and reduce admin both in the cockpit and back at back at base.
Aerosector – Fly Safer……..